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Degree Program at Clark State Community College Teaches Students About Cybersecurity

rear computer panel showing wires and USP cords plugged into outlets.

Clark State Community College offers an associate degree program in cybersecurity/information assurance based on materials, courses and curricula that were used at National science Foundation-funded Advanced Technological Education centers for cybersecurity education. Ensuring the security of computer systems, networks and other technology-based equipment is vital for personal, business and government activities.

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The ATE Student Success Stories Videos highlight the struggles and triumphs of a diverse set of students in community college settings to document a common theme: technician training has the power to change lives. This episode features Kristin Edwards, a student at Clark State Community College, who thought she wanted to be a math education major until a computer science class changed the course of her career. After more coursework, and an ATE sponsored internship with a local business, shes discovered a new passion and a new path.

Credit: ATE Central, a project of the Internet Scout Research Group