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EHR/Covid-19 Challenge


Covid-19 Challenge


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Screening for Eligibility

All entries will undergo a screening for eligibility by NSF staff using the eligibility criteria outlined in the "Eligibility" section of this document. Any entries not meeting any one of the eligibility criteria will not be judged and will be deemed ineligible for a prize award or honorable mention designation.

A panel of NSF employees and external judges will review the challenge submissions based on the following criteria:

Criteria (100 pts):

  1. (20 pts) How thoughtfully and carefully does the submission explain one or more anticipated significant, long-term, impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM for [undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, or faculty] at their institution?
  2. (40 pts) How thoroughly and effectively will the institutional action(s) that have been, or will be, implemented by the IHE result in systemic solutions to address the anticipated long-term impacts of the COVD-19 pandemic on DEI in STEM that were identified by the IHE?
  3. How likely are the institutional actions described in the submission to be:
    1. (20 pts) Easily adapted and reproduced by other IHEs?
    2. (20 pts) Sustainable by the IHE and by other IHEs that potentially adapt them?

The judges will also indicate if they recommend the submission for honorable mention if it is not selected for an award prize.