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Interdisciplinary Research (IDR)

ENG Unsolicited Cross-Divisional Interdisciplinary Research (IDR)

Researchers interested in submitting interdisciplinary proposals may submit them through the INSPIRE award mechanism. Beginning in FY 2013, INSPIRE (Integrated NSF Support Promoting Interdisciplinary Research and Education) will include larger "mid-scale" research awards up to $3.0 million. This new mid-scale opportunity will provide researchers with a novel funding mechanism to consider research questions that might be beyond the scope of standard NSF programs due to funding limitations.

The FY 2013 INSPIRE solicitation (13-518) is available at:

A description of FY 2012 awards made through the INSPIRE CREATIV mechanism is at:

IDR Coordinators for Engineering Directorate Divisions are:

Name Email Phone

CBET - Rose Wesson

(703) 292-7070 

CMMI - Bruce  M. Kramer

(703) 292-5348 

ECCS - Dominique Dagenais

(703) 292-2980 

Click here for general information about Interdisciplinary Research at NSF.