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October 2003 Advisory Committee for Engineering

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National Science Foundation Advisory Committee for Engineering

October 2003

Dr. Lisa Alvarez-Cohen
Dr. James E. Bernard
Dr. Joan F. Brennecke
Dr. Legand L. Burge Jr.
Dr. Chris W. Busch
Dr. Pius J. Egbelu
Dr. Henry C. Foley
Dr. Janie M. Fouke
Dr. Sarah J. Hood
Dr. Kristina M. Johnson (Chair)
Dr. Kevin C. Kahn (Previous Chair)
Dr. Linda P.B. Katehi (Vice Chair)
Dr. Sangtae Kim
Dr. Debra S. Knopman
Dr. Enrique J. Lavernia
Dr. Gary S. May
Dr. Larry V. McIntire
Ms. Susan Staffin Metz
Dr. Richard K. Miller
Dr. Thomas D. O’Rourke
Dr. Alan I. Taub
Dr. Levi T. Thompson
Dr. Timothy Tong
Dr. Lilian Shiao-Yen Wu
University of California
Iowa State University
University of Notre Dame
Tuskegee University
Louisiana State University
Pennsylvania State University
Michigan State University
IBM Microelectronics Division
Duke University
Intel Corporation
Purdue University
Eli Lilly and Company
RAND Corporation
University of California
Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgia Institute of Technology
Stevens Institute of Technology
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
Cornell University
GM Research and Development
University of Michigan
The George Washington University
IBM Corporation

The Advisory Committee thanks Sarah Hood for leading the effort to develop this brochure; Jo Culbertson, Staff Associate for Planning and Evaluation, for managing the project; and Sohi Rastegar, Program Director, for serving as a technical adviser.

At Low + Associates:
Michael Cosgrove, Project Director; Karen Holmes, Writer; Elizabeth Wiggins, Research and Account Management; Long Nguyen, Designer; Marion F. Briggs and Shannon Hibberd, Image Researchers; and Ross Bankson, Editor and Proofreader. Other: Deborah A. Hill (Duke University), Design Consultant.


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