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Image Credits


Image Credits

Making Imagination Real:

GTEC (top)

© Getty Images (#E012360) (bottom)


Imagine a future…:

Duke University Photography Services (top)

Courtesy University of Virginia, Office of Minority Affairs (bottom)



Page 1:

Courtesy of Kosan Biosciences, Inc. (top)

Visual Arts Services, Stanford University (center)

Duke University Medical School Creative Services (bottom)

Page 2:

From Li, Boppart, Van Dam, Mashino, Mutinga, Drexler, Klein, Pitris, Krinsky, Brezinski, Fujimoto. "Optical Coherence Tomography: Advanced Technology for the Endoscopic Imaging of Barrett's Esophagus." Endoscopy 2000, Vol 32.12: 921-930. Printed by permission (top 2)

MIT and New England Eye Center (bottom 2)

Page 3:

Dr. J.W. Costerton, Director, Center for Biofilm Engineering (top and lower left)

Peg Dirckx © 1997 Center for Biofilm Engineering, MSU-Bozeman (lower right)


Security & Safety:

Page 1:

Utah Center of Excellence for Smart Sensors, University of Utah, Cynthia Furse, Director

Page 2:

© Georgia Institute of Technology (2)

Page 3:

University of South Florida (top)

Center for Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue (2)



Page 1:

Ryan Hagerty/USFWS

S. Senapati, J.S. Keiper, J.M. DeSimone, M.L. Berkowitz (Department of Chemistry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) (inset)

Page 2:

Photo by support staff of the Droplet Dynamics & Net-Form Manufacturing Laboratory, University of California, Irvine (top)

Three Dimensional Printing lab at MIT. Emanuel Sachs and James Serdy (center)

Melissa Orme, E.P. Muntz, G. Pham-Van Diep, R. Godin (bottom)

Page 3:

Courtesy of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (photo of Margaret Murnane)

University of Colorado (3)


Scales of Engineering:

Nigel Sharp, NOAO, image © AURA Inc./NOAO (top left)

Courtesy of John Bush, MIT (top right)

Eric J. Heller, Harvard University (bottom)



From the laboratories of Arun Majumdar and Peidong Yang, UC Berkeley. Students: Alexis Abramson, Woochul Kim, Rong Fan, Yiying Wu (left)

NanoScale Materials, Inc. (tinted SEM image) (right)


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