Resources for Center Personnel

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Annual Report Procedures. Instructions for how to complete annual reports.

Center Requirements. Center Directors are strongly encouraged to revisit the Center Requirements often to ensure that their sites and centers are in compliance.

Reference Documents:

Samples and Forms:

LIFE Form System:

Level of Interest and Feedback Evaluation (LIFE) Forms are used at each NSF IUCRC Industry Advisory Board (IAB) Meeting. IAB members use these forms to indicate their level of interest in projects and provide additional feedback.

The online LIFE system allows centers to: Organize and display compiled industry interest ratings and feedback for each project presented at the meeting (anonymously to PIs, but not LIFE system administrators); and
Allow for PIs to respond to industry feedback (comments or questions).
You can view a LIFE Form system tutorial (.PPT) for more information.

Projects Cultivation and voting process
Role of Faculties versus role of the IAB
Role of Sites and Center Director - how to be successful

NSF IUCRC Automated Mailing Lists:

Personnel at IUCRCs may subscribe to listservs to communicate with their counterparts at other centers.

  • Adding yourself to a mailing list. After making your request, you will get an email from the list server asking that you confirm your addition request. Reply as request to complete the process.
    • iucrc-evaluators: center evaluators and those interested in the evaluation of IUCRCs can add themselves to the list by sending an email to with the subject line of "subscribe iucrc-evaluators".
    • iucrc-directors: center directors can add themselves to this list by sending an email to with the subject line of "subscribe iucrc-directors".
    • iucrc-om: center managers and operations personnel can add themselves to this list by sending an email to with the subject line of "subscribe iucrc-om".
  • Deleting yourself from a mailing list- If you no longer wish to receive mail from the IUCRC list server, simply click on the link at the bottom of the unwanted email that you received. A reply email will be generated for you to send that automatically removes you from our email server.
  • Sending mail to a list server- Messages are sent by addressing them to where listname is either iucrc-evaluators, iucrc-directors, iucrc-om, or iucrc-all. Only members of a list can send a message to the listserve.