IUCRC: Industry–University Cooperative Research Centers Program

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What is IUCRC?

IUCRC enables industrially-relevant, pre-competitive research via a multi-member, sustained partnerships among industry, academe, and government. NSF supports the development and evolution of IUCRCs, providing a financial and procedural framework for membership and operations in addition to best practices learned over decades of fostering public/private partnerships that provide significant value to the nation, industry and university faculty and students.

Centers bring together:
IUCRC Sites   IUCRC Members
Faculty and students from different academic institutions + Companies, State/Federal/Local government and non-profits

...to perform cutting-edge pre-competitive fundamental research in science, engineering, technology area(s) of interest to industry and that can drive innovation and the U.S. economy. Members guide the direction of Center research through active involvement and mentoring.

IUCRCs offer a platform for significant leveraging of financial investment by members to accelerate the knowledge base in emerging technological and manufacturing sectors and develop an industrially savvy workforce to benefit US economy.

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