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Guide cutting edge pre-competitive research that meets your industry sector needs.
Develop your and the nation future industrially savvy workforce.

Industry University Collaborative Research Center (IUCRC) program provides the funding opportunity for universities and industry to nucleate and grow the long term partnerships for conducting pre-competitive research on topics of mutual benefit in an educational environment. The research conducted at each center is vetted by an industry advisory board (IAB) that ensures through the voting process that it aligns with the emerging needs of the consortium as compared to one individual company. As of today, there are 77 IUCRCs operating in United States (US) with over 200 university sites across the nation and an handful of international in Europe, and Asia. This international expansion of the IUCRC program offers unique opportunity to ensure US competitiveness in a global economy and allow the development of the next generation workforce that is global in nature and has perspective on socio-economic issues that transcends cultural boundaries. There are more than 2000 students engaged at IUCRCs on a yearly basis. Each year about 1000 students graduate through the IUCRC sites and approximately 30% of these students are hired by the IAB member companies. These numbers demonstrate the strong role that IUCRC plays in building our nation's workforce.

Who are the IUCRC members:
Approximately 60% large business, 20% Small Businesses, 10% Others Federal Agencies, ~10% (State and Others)

Benefits of membership:

  • Leveraging of affiliate investment
  • Access to faculty, students, facilities and infrastructure at all Center sites (18 senior faculty per center on average)
  • NSF's 40+ years of experience with the IUCRC program (performance oversight an external independent evaluation)
  • Access to sector identified pre-competitive research
  • Precompetitive industry relevant research shaped by members and faculty
  • 90% of membership fees go toward research
  • Sector networking, learn from industry peers, competitors, customers and regulators
  • Option to expand innovation capacity globally
  • One Center; one membership agreement for all (all under one umbrella)
  • Company savings: Lower risks, accelerate competitive R&D and internal cost avoidance
  • Early and continual access to the discovery and innovation process as well as its results

How to Join an IUCRC

Browse the IUCRC Directory to find a Center in your economic, technology, or manufacturing sector. Contact the Center Director(s) listed there of the Center(s) of interest and discuss how to become a member of the Center and what value the Center can bring to your company, agency, or organization. You can also find out what other companies and government agencies or non-profit organizations are also members. Note that all research done by the IUCRC results in shared IP that serves its membership.
Please note that all IUCRC members sign a standard membership agreement that spells out the university and industry rights and responsibilities, financial commitments to the Center, publication rights, and how IP is handled. Please see the sample membership agreement documents below:
Sample Membership Agreement
Sample Membership Agreement Addenedum for Associations and Institutions (.DOC)

IUCRC model: Linking industry to fundamental research

IUCRC Phases