IUCRC Grantee Research Highlights

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The current solicitation requires the evaluator to report to "NSF, within a month of each IAB meeting and in consultation with the site director, on the top research highlights, technology transfer, patents, and major discoveries that demonstrate successful NSF investments in that center," This is also a requirement of the director’s report as outlined in the "Major Accomplishment" section. Please use the following form to comply with this requirement:

Please review the guidelines for creating an effective NSF Research Highlight.

IUCRC Grantee Research Highlights

Please tell us about your latest research. Results from research are important for NSF funding as it allows us to demonstrate the viability of our programs. Please complete this template and email it to rdasgupt@nsf.gov. We want to hear about your research results even though your research may have ended years before the highlight was realized. Do not use future tense; we need to know results and not plans. Highlights are intended for the general public, congress, and journalists so try to refrain from technical terms if possible and write for a layman audience.

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If applicable, tell us how this research is or may be transformational.



If applicable, tell us how this research represents broadening participation.



If applicable, tell us how the research may have societal benefits, e.g. the economy.



Images are important. Please include one as a separate file with your highlight submission. Files must be GIFs or JPEGs. Maximum width and height are 240 pixels. Please submit the NSF Form 1515 with your image.



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