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ENG AdCom Meeting - Spring 2005

May 11, 2005 8:00 AM  to 
May 12, 2005 3:00 PM
Room 1235 - NSF Headquarters

The Directorate for Engineering Advisory Committee meets bi-annually.

Meeting Type
Advisory Committee Meeting

Cassandra Queen, 703-292-8300, email:
       Preferred Contact Method: Email

NSF Related Organizations
Directorate for Engineering

Public Attachments
Minutes of the Fall 2004 AdCom
Draft Agenda for Spring 2005 ENG AdCom
Update on Engineering Activities
External Reports Presentation
BES COV Presentation
BES Overview Presentation
ITR COV Presenation
Diversity Update
AIA Breakout Presentation
ASTG Breakout Presenation
BES & CTS Planning Presentation
Case Breakout Presentation
CMMI Breakout Presentation
CMS Planning Presentation
Cyberinfrastructure Presentation
DMII Planning Presentation
ECS Breakout Presentation
EEC Breakout Presentation
EEC & OII Joint Presentation
EEC Planning Presentation
K-12 Subcommittee Presentation
Case Presentation
SO Breakout Presentation
Women Engineers Presentation
Engineering Workforce Presentation

Private Attachments
STG Plan - Password Required
ASTG Report - Password Protected
AIA Report - Password Protected
AIA Report Appendix - Password Required
CASE Report - Password Required
OS Report - Password required
WF Report - Password Required
BES SP - Password Required
CMS SP - Password Required
CTS SP - Password Required
DMI SP - Password Required
ECS SP - Password Protected
EEC SP - Password Required
OII Plan - Password Protected