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DMR Committee Of Visitors Meeting

February 9, 2011 8:00 AM  to 
February 11, 2011 2:00 PM

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The 2011 Committee of Visitors (COV) for the NSF Division of Materials Research (DMR) review will take place at the NSF Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, on Feb 9-11, 2011.  The COV is an ad hoc subcommittee of the Mathematical and Physical Sciences Advisory Committee.

Meeting Type
Committee of visitors

Ian Robertson, (703) 292-4937,
Janice M. Hicks, (703) 292-4956,

NSF Related Organizations
Directorate for Mathematical & Physical Sciences
Division of Materials Research

Public Attachments
DMR Organization Chart and Phone Roster
2011 NSF COV Report Final
COV - MPS_Response_2011
2008 COV Report
Division Response to 2008 COV Report - Updated Jan 2010
COV Core Questions Template
Table of Acronyms (updated 2/2/2011)
COV Guidelines (subchapter 300)
NSF Merit Review Process
NSF Proposal and Award Process Summary
NSF Conflicts of Interest (COI) Form
Report: Looking Back Moving Forward: NSF's Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers Program 2007
Report: Light Source Panel Report 2008
Report: Gender Equity in Materials Science and Engineering 2008
Report: Frontiers in Crystalline Matter: From Discovery to Technology 2009
Report: Selling the Nation's Helium Reserve 2010
Report: Interdisciplinary Globally-Leading Macromolecular Science and Engineering Workshop 2008
Report: The Future of Materials Science and Materials Engineering Education 2008
Report: Condensed-Matter and Materials Physics

Private Attachments
Link for eJacket for COV members (you must log in)
Website for Webinar (you must register at this website)
COV Members Listing with Breakout Group and Chair Assignments (Updated 1/24/2011)
COV Charge Letter to Members
COV Meeting - Agenda (Updated 2-8-2011)
NSF Electronic Jacket (eJ) COV Module: Quick Reference Guide
List of DMR Awards by Program, FY 2008-2010
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) in DMR (posted 2/8/2011)
Data for Division overall (posted 2/8/11)
Group 1 Breakout Data (BMAT_POL_SSMC) ver 3-(updated 2/7/2011)
Group 2 Breakout Data (CER_EPM_MMN) ver 3 (updated 2/7/2011)
Group 3 Breakout Data (CMP_CMMT) ver 3 (updated 2/7/2011)
Group 4 (Centers and PREM) Data will be presented to the Breakout Group
Group 5 (Office of Materials Instrumentation and National Facilities)
Group 6 Breakout Data (OSP) ver 3 (updated 2/7/2011)
Method for Selecting Initial Proposals
Highlights: Group 1 (BMAT, POL & SSMC)
Highlights: Group 2 (CER, EPM & MMN)
Highlights: Group 3 (CMP/CMMT)
Highlights: Group 4 (Centers & PREM)
Highlights: Group 5 (OMINAF - MRI, IMR & NAF)
Highlights: Group 6 (OSP)
DMR Overview COV 2011 - Final
Program Presentation: Biomaterials
Program Presentation: Ceramics
Program Presentation: Electronic and Photonic Materials
Program Presentation: Condensed Matter Physics
Program Presentation: Condensed Matter and Materials Theory
Program Presentation: Metals and Metallic Nanostructures
Program Presentation: Polymers
Program Presentation: Solid State and Materials Chemistry
Program Presentation: Instrumentation
Program Presentation: Facilities
Program Presentation: Centers
Program Presentation: PREM
Program Presentation: Office of Special Programs
Data to answer questions raised by the COV on Wednesday