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WATCH - Challenges and Opportunities in Cyber Security Innovation

WATCH Series

February 16, 2012 12:00 PM  to 
February 16, 2012 1:00 PM

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Over the past decade, the cyber threat landscape has become increasingly complex, diverse and dynamic.   While adherence to best practices provides a measure of security, significant innovation is required to address the increasingly potent threats.  Despite the compelling need, the challenges in identifying potentially high impact innovations and bridging the gap between research and broad deployment remain significant.  In this talk, I will describe the difficulties in bringing innovations in cyber security - particularly those from academia - into the commercial domain.  In many cases, these challenges suggest new processes for facilitating academic technology transfer.  I will also describe the unique opportunities in academic cyber security research that may well lead to transformative innovations and how these innovations can be catalyzed through public and private partnerships.


Paul Barford is a professor of Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.  He was a visiting professor at the University of Cambridge and an EPSRC Visiting Fellow in 2011.  He  is the founder and former CEO of Nemean Networks, LLC, a network security startup company that was acquired by Qualys, Inc. in 2010.  His research interests are in Internet measurement and analysis, Internet security, and sustainable networking.  Prof. Barford has published over 75 research papers, and has served on numerous panels, organizing committees, and program committees (ACM SIGMETRICS ''10 TPC co-chair, and ACM IMC '06 TPC chair).  He has served as an associate editor for IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, on the board of directors of the National Lambda Rail, and on technical advisory boards of companies.  He is an NSF CAREER award winner and senior member of the ACM and IEEE.

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