I/UCRC: Smart Vehicles Concepts (SVC) 7th Annual Meeting

September 11, 2014 9:30 AM  to 
September 12, 2014 4:00 PM
The Ohio State University - Columbus, OH

This is a bi-annual meeting of the industry advisory board and center members to assess ongoing research and set priorities for new research directions. Visitors interested in membership are welcome if they are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.


  • 9:30am - Registration
  • 10:15am - 6:00 pm Annual Meeting
  • 6:15pm - 8pm Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) Meeting


  • 8:00am to 2:20pm Annual Meeting
  • 2:30pm - 4:00pm Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) Meeting

Meeting Type
Partnership Meeting

Caterina Runyon-Spears, (614) 292-9044, email: runyon-spears.1@osu.edu

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