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MPS Advisory Committee Meeting (MPSAC)

November 5, 2015 8:30 AM  to 
November 6, 2015 6:00 PM
National Science Foundation, Room 375, (Face-to-Face Meeting)

Advisory Committee for the Directorate of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Meeting Type
Advisory Committee Meeting

Eduardo A. Misawa, (703) 292-5353, email:
       Preferred Contact Method: Email
Eda C. Gimenez, (703) 292-5137, email:
       Preferred Contact Method: Email
Sara Dwyer, (703) 292-4934, email:
       Preferred Contact Method: Email
Nathan McClain, (703) 292-8800, email:
       Preferred Contact Method: Phone

NSF Related Organizations
Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Meeting Information
MPSAC Minutes from April 3, 2015 Meeting
How to Participate Virtually
Letter from Fleming Crim to MPSAC
MPSAC Membership List

Briefing Book
For MPSAC Members Only
NSF FY 2016 Budget Request
FY 2016 MPS Budget Request Presentation by Fleming Crim
MPS FY 2016 Budget Request
NSF Strategic Plan for 2014 - 2018
Conflict of Interest Form
NSF Area Map
Updates on NSF Initiative: INCLUDES -- Pramod Khargonekar
Graduate Student Training -- Fleming Crim
Update on NSF Initiative: INFEWS -- Carol Bessel
Update on Partnerships -- Jennifer Pearl
Partnerships: A Workshop on Collaborations between the NSF/MPS & Private Foundations
Update on Public Access -- James Kurose
National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI) Briefing -- James Kurose