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Active Funding Opportunities

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Funding Opportunities
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NSF Earth Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowships (EAR-PF) 18-565 Full Proposal: September 19, 2018
Division of Physics: Investigator-Initiated Research Projects (PHY) 18-564 Full Proposal: November 28, 2018 Full Proposal: December 4, 2018 Full Proposal: December 11, 2018
Secondary Satellite Network for U. S. Academic Research Vessel Fleet (ARF) 18-562 Full Proposal: September 10, 2018
Division of Chemistry: Disciplinary Research Programs (CHE-DRP) 18-561 Full Proposal: October 1, 2018 Full Proposal: October 31, 2018
Cultural Anthropology Program Senior Research Awards (CA-SR) 18-560 Full Proposal: August 15, 2018 Full Proposal: January 15, 2019
GeoPRISMS Program 18-559 Full Proposal: August 13, 2018
EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Program Track-1: (RII Track-1) NSF-wide 18-558 Letter of Intent: July 3, 2018 Full Proposal: July 31, 2018
Smart and Autonomous Systems (S&AS) 18-557 Full Proposal: July 31, 2018 Full Proposal: June 3, 2019
NSF/FDA SCHOLAR-IN-RESIDENCE AT FDA 18-556 Full Proposal: Accepted Anytime
Centers for Chemical Innovation (CCI) 18-555 Preliminary Proposal: August 14, 2018 Full Proposal: October 10, 2018 Full Proposal: February 20, 2019
Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) Research Initiation Initiative (CRII) 18-554 Full Proposal: August 8, 2018
CubeSat-based Science Missions for Geospace and Atmospheric Research 18-553
Management and Operation of the Advanced Modular Incoherent Scatter Radar (AMISR) Facilities at Poker Flat, AK, and Resolute Bay, Canada (AMISR-M&O) 18-552
Small Business Technology Transfer Program Phase I (STTR) 18-551 Full Proposal: July 10, 2018
Small Business Innovation Research Program Phase I (SBIR) 18-550 Full Proposal: July 10, 2018
Planning Grants for Engineering Research Centers (ERC) 18-549
Future of Work at the Human -Technology Frontier: Advancing Cognitive and Physical Capabilities (FW-HTF) Crosscutting 18-548
Cybersecurity Innovation for Cyberinfrastructure (CICI) 18-547
Tribal Colleges and Universities Program (TCUP) 18-546 Full Proposal: December 31, 2018 Full Proposal: September 4, 2018 Full Proposal: September 20, 2018 Full Proposal: December 10, 2018 Full Proposal: June 4, 2019 Full Proposal: June 10, 2019
Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy and Water Systems (INFEWS) 18-545 Full Proposal: September 26, 2018
Coupling, Energetics, and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions (CEDAR) 18-544 Full Proposal: Accepted Anytime
Geospace Environment Modeling (GEM) 18-543 Full Proposal: Accepted Anytime
Partnerships between Science and Engineering Fields and the NSF TRIPODS Institutes NSF-wide Crosscutting 18-542
Smart and Connected Health (SCH) 18-541 Full Proposal: December 11, 2018
NSF/VMware Partnership on Edge Computing Data Infrastructure (ECDI) 18-540
Critical Techniques, Technologies and Methodologies for Advancing Foundations and Applications of Big Data Sciences and Engineering (BIGDATA) 18-539
Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Crosscutting 18-538
Computer Science for All (CSforAll:RPP) 18-537 Full Proposal: February 12, 2019
Formal Methods in the Field (FMitF) 18-536
US-EU Internet Core & Edge Technologies (ICE-T) 18-535
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