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Active Funding Opportunities

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Funding Opportunities
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Wireless Innovation between Finland and US (WiFiUS) 16-587
WINDOWS ON THE UNIVERSE: THE ERA OF MULTI-MESSENGER ASTROPHYSICS (WoU-MMA) Full Proposal: September 30, 2019 Full Proposal: October 15, 2019 Full Proposal: November 15, 2019 Full Proposal: October 18, 2019 Full Proposal: November 27, 2019 Full Proposal: December 3, 2019 Full Proposal: December 10, 2019
Widening Implementation & Demonstration of Evidence-Based Reforms (WIDER) 13-552 Current but no longer receiving proposals
US-Japan Big Data and Disaster Research (BDD) 14-575
US-EU Internet Core & Edge Technologies (ICE-T) 18-535
US Ignite: 16-553
United States-Israel Collaboration in Computer Science (USICCS) 17-515
Understanding the Rules of Life: Epigenetics NSF-wide 18-600 Full Proposal: February 1, 2019
Understanding the Rules of Life: Building a Synthetic Cell NSF-wide 18-599 Preliminary Proposal: December 28, 2018 Full Proposal: May 13, 2019
U.S. Science Support Program associated with the International Ocean Discovery Program (USSSP-IODP) 14-549
U.S. Science Support Program Associated with the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (USSSP-IODP) 06-575 Waiting for new publication
Tribal Colleges and Universities Program (TCUP) 16-531 Full Proposal: Accepted Anytime Full Proposal: April 15, 2019 Full Proposal: September 3, 2019 Full Proposal: September 16, 2019
Tribal Colleges and Universities Program (TCUP) 18-546 Full Proposal: December 31, 2018 Full Proposal: September 9, 2019 Full Proposal: June 4, 2019 Full Proposal: June 10, 2019 Full Proposal: September 4, 2019 Full Proposal: September 20, 2019 Full Proposal: December 10, 2019
Transdisciplinary Research in Principles of Data Science Phase I (TRIPODS) Crosscutting 16-615
Training-based Workforce Development for Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (CyberTraining) Crosscutting 19-524 Full Proposal: February 6, 2019
Towards a Leadership-Class Computing Facility - Phase 1 17-558
Topology Full Proposal: November 5, 2019
Tomorrow's Internet Project Office (TIPOFF) 17-540
Thwaites: The Future of Thwaites Glacier and its Contribution to Sea-level Rise 17-505
Thermal Transport Processes Full Proposal: August 15, 2019
Theoretical and Computational Astrophysics Networks (TCAN) 13-512 Current but no longer receiving proposals
The NSF-Census Research Network (NCRN) 10-621 Current but no longer receiving proposals
Tectonics 17-555 Full Proposal: Accepted Anytime
Surpassing Evolution: Transformative Approaches to Enhance the Efficiency of Photosynthesis 10-559 Current but no longer receiving proposals
STEM + Computing K-12 Education (STEM+C) Full Proposal: May 1, 2019
Statistics Full Proposal: December 17, 2018
Spectrum Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, and Security (SpecEES): Enabling Spectrum for All Crosscutting 19-529 Full Proposal: February 13, 2019
Solar, Heliospheric, and INterplanetary Environment (SHINE) 15-606 Waiting for new publication
Solar Terrestrial Full Proposal: Accepted Anytime
Solar and Planetary Research Grants (SPG) 16-602 Full Proposal: Accepted Anytime
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