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Active Funding Opportunities

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Funding Opportunities
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EMERGING FRONTIERS IN RESEARCH AND INNOVATION 2018 17-578 Full Proposal: February 23, 2018
Dimensions of Biodiversity FY2018 18-512 Full Proposal: February 28, 2018
Resource Implementations for Data Intensive Research in the Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences (RIDIR) 18-517 Full Proposal: February 28, 2018
Smart and Connected Communities (S&CC) Crosscutting 18-520 Full Proposal: February 28, 2018
SOCIOLOGY PROGRAM - Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Awards (Soc-DDRI) 14-604 Full Proposal: February 28, 2018
Cultural Anthropology Supplement: March 1, 2018
Historically Black Colleges and Universities Undergraduate Program (HBCU-UP) 18-522 Full Proposal: March 1, 2018
Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) 17-593 Full Proposal: March 2, 2018
NSF/CASIS Collaboration on Fluid Dynamics and Particulate and Multiphase Processes Research on the International Space Station to Benefit Life on Earth (NSF-ISS) 18-521 Full Proposal: March 5, 2018
Centers for Chemical Innovation (CCI) 17-564 Full Proposal: March 6, 2018
Improving Undergraduate STEM Education: Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI Program) 18-524 Full Proposal: March 6, 2018
Critical Resilient Interdependent Infrastructure Systems and Processes 2.0 FY18 (CRISP 2.0) Crosscutting 18-523 Full Proposal: March 7, 2018
EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Track 4: EPSCoR Research Fellows (RII Track-4) NSF-wide 18-526 Full Proposal: March 13, 2018
Innovation Corps (I-Corps TM) - National Innovation Network Nodes Program (I-Corps™ Nodes) 17-533 Full Proposal: March 13, 2018
Ocean Observatories Initiative Facility Board (OOIFB) Administrative Support Office 18-527 Full Proposal: March 27, 2018
NSF Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S-STEM) 17-527 Full Proposal: March 28, 2018
Communications, Circuits, and Sensing-Systems (CCSS) Supplement: April 2, 2018
Electronics, Photonics and Magnetic Devices (EPMD) Supplement: April 2, 2018
Energy, Power, Control, and Networks (EPCN) Supplement: April 2, 2018
Inclusion across the Nation of Communities of Learners of Underrepresented Discoverers in Engineering and Science (NSF INCLUDES) (NSF INCLUDES) NSF-wide 18-529 Full Proposal: April 4, 2018
Mid-Scale Innovations Program in Astronomical Sciences (MSIP) (MSIP) 17-592 Full Proposal: April 6, 2018
Tribal Colleges and Universities Program (TCUP) 16-531 Full Proposal: April 16, 2018
Cultivating Cultures for Ethical STEM (CCE STEM) 18-532 Full Proposal: April 17, 2018
Integrative Strategies for Understanding Neural and Cognitive Systems (NCS) Crosscutting 18-533 Supplement: April 17, 2018 Full Proposal: April 17, 2018
Cyberinfrastructure for Sustained Scientific Innovation (CSSI) - Data and Software: 18-531 Full Proposal: April 18, 2018
Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers Program (IUCRC) NSF-wide 17-516 Preliminary Proposal: April 18, 2018
Operator Selection for Two Regional Class Research Vessels (RCRV 2 and RCRV 3) 18-534 Full Proposal: April 19, 2018
American National Election Studies Competition 18-519 Full Proposal: April 20, 2018
Expeditions in Computing 16-535 Preliminary Proposal: April 25, 2018
Expeditions in Computing 18-528 Preliminary Proposal: April 25, 2018
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