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Active Funding Opportunities - Recently Announced

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Funding Opportunities
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Disaster Resilience Research Grants (DRRG) 20-581
Division of Physics: Investigator-Initiated Research Projects (PHY) 20-580 Full Proposal: October 18, 2021 Full Proposal: November 15, 2021 Full Proposal: November 24, 2021 Full Proposal: December 7, 2021 Full Proposal: December 14, 2021
Dynamics of Integrated Socio-Environmental Systems (DISES) 20-579
NSF-DFG Lead Agency Activity in Electrosynthesis and Electrocatalysis (NSF-DFG EChem) 20-578
Division of Chemistry: Disciplinary Research Programs (CHE-DRP) 20-577 Full Proposal: September 30, 2021 Full Proposal: November 1, 2021
Plant Biotic Interactions 20-576 Full Proposal: Accepted Anytime
Joint DMS/NIGMS Initiative to Support Research at the Interface of the Biological and Mathematical Sciences (DMS/NIGMS) Crosscutting 20-575
Centers for Chemical Innovation (CCI) 20-574
Panel Study of Income Dynamics Competition 20-573
Discovery Research PreK-12 (DRK-12) 20-572 Full Proposal: October 6, 2021
EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Program Track-1: (RII Track-1) NSF-wide 20-571
Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers Program (IUCRC) NSF-wide 20-570 Full Proposal: June 9, 2021 Preliminary Proposal: September 8, 2021 Full Proposal: December 8, 2021 Preliminary Proposal: March 9, 2022
Inclusion across the Nation of Communities of Learners of Underrepresented Discoverers in Engineering and Science (NSF INCLUDES) (NSF INCLUDES) NSF-wide 20-569 Letter of Intent: October 4, 2021 Full Proposal: January 25, 2022
Coastlines and People (CoPe) 20-567 Letter of Intent: August 10, 2021 Full Proposal: September 9, 2021 Letter of Intent: September 28, 2021 Full Proposal: October 28, 2021
NSF Program on Fairness in Artificial Intelligence in Collaboration with Amazon 20-566
NSF Convergence Accelerator Phase I and II for the 2020 Cohort 20-565 Full Proposal: May 17, 2021
Opportunities for Promoting Understanding through Synthesis (OPUS) 20-564 Full Proposal: August 2, 2021
Civic Innovation Challenge (CIVIC) 20-562 Full Proposal: May 5, 2021
Disrupting Operations of Illicit Supply Networks (D-ISN) 20-561
Hydrologic Sciences (HS) 20-560 Full Proposal: Accepted Anytime
Historically Black Colleges and Universities Undergraduate Program (HBCU-UP) 20-559 Letter of Intent: July 27, 2021 Letter of Intent: September 14, 2021 Full Proposal: November 11, 2021 Preliminary Proposal: March 22, 2022
PFE: Research Initiation in Engineering Formation (PFE: RIEF) 20-558 Full Proposal: November 9, 2021
Multimodal Sensor Systems for Precision Health Enabled by Data Harnessing, Artificial Intelligence, and Learning (SenSE) 20-556
NSF Convergence Accelerator Pilot Phase II Crosscutting 20-555
ADVANCE: Organizational Change for Gender Equity in STEM Academic Professions (ADVANCE) NSF-wide 20-554 Preliminary Proposal: April 22, 2021 Letter of Intent: August 2, 2021 Full Proposal: August 6, 2021 Full Proposal: October 7, 2021 Full Proposal: November 3, 2021
Gen-4 Engineering Research Centers (ERC) 20-553 Full Proposal: May 7, 2021
Engineering Research Visioning Alliance (ERVA): Future Research Directions for the Engineering Research Community 20-551
General Social Survey (GSS) Competition 20-550
Navigating the New Arctic Community Office (NNA-CO) NSF-wide 20-549
Signals in the Soil Crosscutting 20-548
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