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This program has been archived.

Division of Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental and Transport Systems

Biomedical Engineering & Research to Aid Persons with Disabilities  (BME/RAPD)

Name Email Phone Room
Semahat  S. Demir (703) 292-7950  565 S  
Gilbert  Devey (703) 292-7943  565 S  
Leon  Esterowitz (703) 292-7942  565 S  




The mission of the BME/RAPD programs is to provide opportunities to develop novel ideas into projects that integrate engineering and life science principles in solving biomedical problems that serve humanity.  The program focuses on high impact transforming technologies for deriving information from cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems, extraction of useful information from complex biomedical signals, new approaches to the design of structures and materials for eventual medical use, and new methods of controlling living systems. This program is also directed toward the characterization, restoration, and/or substitution of normal functions in humans. Emphasis is placed on the advancement of fundamental engineering knowledge rather than on product development. The research might lead to the development of new technologies or the novel application of existing technologies. Undergraduate engineering design projects are also supported, especially those that provide prototype, "custom-designed" devices or software for persons with mental and/or physical disabilities. The program does not support clinical studies but initial evaluation in a clinical setting is encouraged.

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