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This program has been archived.

International Polar Year  (IPY) Crosscutting Programs

Name Dir/Div Name Dir/Div
Marie  H. Bundy Renee  D. Crain GEO/OPP
Simon  N. Stephenson Thomas  P. Wagner
David  B. Campbell Valentine  H. Kass
Daniel  Litynski Sonia  Ortega


Solicitation  06-534

Important Information for Proposers

A revised version of the NSF Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG) (NSF 22-1), is effective for proposals submitted, or due, on or after October 4, 2021. Please be advised that, depending on the specified due date, the guidelines contained in NSF 22-1 may apply to proposals submitted in response to this funding opportunity.




The "International Polar Year 2007-2008" (IPY) will extend from March 2007 through March 2009. IPY is envisioned as an intense scientific campaign to explore new frontiers in polar science, improve our understanding of the critical role of the polar regions in global processes, and educate the public about the polar regions. Projects are expected to involve a pulse of activity during the IPY period; have multi- and interdisciplinary scopes; leave a legacy of infrastructure and data; expand international cooperation; engage the public in polar discovery; and help attract the next generation of scientists and engineers.

A number of NSF programs will respond to proposals for support of IPY activities over the next several years. These are listed on an IPY web page maintained by NSF's Office of Polar Programs ( This list will be updated from time to time and should be consulted when considering proposal submissions.

In anticipation of IPY, the Office of Polar Programs (OPP) and the Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR) have identified special emphasis areas that will require preparation in advance of IPY. These are the subject of the present focused solicitation. The research emphasis areas are: ice sheet history and dynamics; biological adaptations at the cellular and genomic level to life in extreme cold and prolonged darkness; and the arctic observing network. Proposed research activities must be integrally related to one or more of these emphasis areas and adhere to the guidance of the National Research Council's report A Vision for the International Polar Year 2007-2008 (2005), including specific significant linkages to international activities.

The educational emphasis areas for this solicitation are: formal science education experiences for K-12 teachers and undergraduate or graduate students, informal science education for the broader public, and coordination and communication for IPY education projects. In addition to the educational activities normally integrated into research proposals, this solicitation will consider standalone proposals that specifically address one or more of these focus areas.

Proposals for IPY activities outside of these emphasis areas should be directed to other solicitations from OPP and NSF. Related programs are listed at the web site above (see also Section IX). Proposals submitted under this solicitation may be co-reviewed with other NSF programs.


This program provides educational opportunities for  Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, K-12 Educators. Individuals interested in applying for funding should see the program guidelines above.



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