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Division of Information & Intelligent Systems

Human-Robot (and/or Agents) Interaction  (HRI)

This program has been archived.


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Human-Robot (and/or Agents) Interaction (HRI) focuses on physical, cognitive, and social interaction between people and robots (and/or agents) to project and extend human capabilities and provide for collaborative intelligence. New knowledge is needed to better understand the structural complexity of such interactions and the design of robots (or agents) that humans will find usable and useful in many contexts, such as in responding to crises, delivering health care, assisting the elderly, and increasing productivity in the workplace.

Human-Robot (and/or Agents) Interaction (HRI) Staff

Funding Opportunities for Human-Robot (and/or Agents) Interaction (HRI):

Information and Intelligent Systems:  Advancing Human-Centered Computing, Information Integration and Informatics, and Robust Intelligence.  NSF 06-572.