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Karen  C. Cone (703) 292-4967   


iPlant, a plant science cyberinfrastructure collaborative led by the University of Arizona, utilizes new computer, computational science and cyberinfrastructure solutions to address an evolving array of grand challenges in the plant sciences.  This center is a community-driven effort, involving plant biologists, computer and information scientists and engineers, as well as experts from other disciplines, all working in integrated teams.

The cyberinfrastructure created by iPlant provides the community with two main capabilities: it supplies access to world-class physical infrastructure - for example by developing discovery environments that provide scientists with advanced biological information processing, modelling and visualization, and it facilitates interactions, communications and collaborations that advance the understanding and use of computational thinking in plant biology. Through these capabilities, the center catalyzes progress in targeted areas of plant biology, and more broadly advances plant science through new, creative, synthesis activities, and training the next generation of scientists in computational thinking. iPlant is dedicated also to education and outreach activities that are focused on developing the next generation of scientists in computational approaches to biology, and in this context the collaborative will have a significant cultural impact on how science is conducted. This center is a catalyst for innovation for the scientific community.

Additional information about iPlant may be found at the iPlant website.