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Division of Integrative Organismal Systems

Behavioral Systems

Name Email Phone Room
Jodie  Jawor (703) 292-7887  E12326  
Michelle  Elekonich (703) 292-7202  E12342  
Karen  E. Mabry (703) 292-8715  C12014  


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The Behavioral Systems Cluster consists of the Animal Behavior Program which supports research in the area of integrative animal behavior to understand how and why individuals and groups of animals do what they do in nature. Research in this area occurs in field, laboratory and captive environments and covers a wide range of scientific fields and levels of analysis to study the development, mechanisms, adaptive value, and evolutionary history of behavior. The Cluster encourages species specific and comparative studies as well as modeling and theoretical approaches that use animal systems to discover and explore overarching principles of the biology of behavior and to advance a fully integrated understanding of the behavioral phenotype from genes to ecosystems.  

Program Directors:

Jodie Jawor.  Animal Behavior

Michelle Elekonich.  Animal Behavior

Karen E. Mabry.  Animal Behavior