Molecular Biophysics

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Wilson  Francisco (703) 292-7856  E12481  
Engin  Serpersu (703) 292-7124  E12471  
Jaroslaw  Majewski (703) 292-7278  E12463  
Marcia  Newcomer (703) 292-4778  E12476  


Apply to NSF 18-585

The cluster supports fundamental research into the interplay between structure, dynamics and function of biomolecules. Research projects with the goal of establishing the fundamental principles of biomolecular interactions, regulation of biological function at the molecular level, or use these principles to design new functions are of interest to the cluster. Theory-driven, predictive and verifiable investigations that utilize robust experimental and computational approaches in a synergistic fashion receive the highest priority. The cluster encourages studies under physiological conditions or those that mimic the native physiological environment, as well as research at the interface of biological sciences with the physical, chemical, mathematical and engineering sciences. Proposals involving mechanistic biochemistry or those that involve the study of systems from which broad biophysical principles cannot be derived are given lower priority.

Proposals in the following areas are particularly encouraged:

  • Large scale computations that incorporate constraints obtained from a variety of experimental techniques.
  • Methodological developments that inform on biomolecular dynamics on multiple time- and length-scales in order to decipher their role in molecular recognition and function.
  • Determination of the structure and interactions of very large bio-relevant assemblies in atomic or molecular detail.