Systems and Synthetic Biology

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David  A. Rockcliffe (703) 292-7123  E12473  
Devaki  Bhaya (703) 292-7131  E12476  
Edward  Crane (703) 292-5029  E12465  
Elebeoba  May (703) 292-2100  E12468  


 Apply to NSF 17-589

The cluster supports proposals that make use of the tools of systems and synthetic biology to generate a comprehensive understanding of complex interactions within biological systems across different scales. Proposals using experimental and computational approaches in a synergistic fashion are a high priority. The cluster seeks proposals using tractable established or emerging model systems that focus on: regulatory and metabolic network dynamics; fundamental rules governing complex behavior; microbial communities and their interactions; and fundamental principles of biological systems.

The cluster encourages proposals in the following areas:

  • Systems-level analysis of regulatory, signaling, and metabolic networks, including the interactions among networks.
  • Synthetic biology approaches for understanding the origin of life, the minimal cell and emerging behaviors of complex interactions.
  • Experimental and computational tool development to facilitate systems and synthetic biology studies.
  • Microbiome studies with the potential to reveal rules of assembly and function in well-defined natural and synthetic communities using systems and synthetic biology approaches.