Gravitational Physics - Theory

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All proposals submitted to the Physics Division that are not governed by another solicitation (such as CAREER) must be submitted to its division-wide solicitation: Division of Physics: Investigator-Initiated Research Projects.


The Gravitational Physics programs (Gravitational Physics - Theory, Gravitational Physics – Experiments and Data Analysis, and LIGO Research Support) support research at the frontiers of science aimed towards answering questions about the nature of space and time, the gravitational attraction and the use of gravitational waves (GW) to explore the universe.

The Gravitational Physics – Theory program supports research on classical and quantum gravity theory, including simulations of strongly gravitating astrophysical systems and sources of GW, as well as new formulations for theoretical and computational gravitational physics. This excludes String theory and related approaches which are funded elsewhere.

In addition, the program supports infrastructure activities such as visitor programs, workshops, and research centers involving the participation of external scientists from universities, national laboratories, and industry, as well as graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.