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Chemical Process Systems Cluster  (CPS)

Name Email Phone Room
Christina  Payne (703) 292-2895   
Robert  McCabe (703) 292-4826  E 13477  
Raymond  A. Adomaitis (703)292-7519   
Carole  Read (703) 292-2418  E 13457  
Catherine  Walker (703) 292-7125   
Michelle  D. Wood (703) 292-7313  E 13452B  
William  T. Young (703) 292-5354  E 13466A  


Chemical processes are critical in the production of chemicals, materials, clean water, energy, pharmaceuticals, and other commodities. The Chemical Process Systems (CPS) Cluster has four programs that support fundamental science and engineering research for the development of novel materials, mechanisms, and/or tools to improve the efficiency, resource utilization, and/or intensification of chemical processes. This cluster supports research seeking innovations in catalytic design, reaction engineering, multiphase chemical separations processes, molecular thermodynamics, process control and design, and sustainable energy conversion. The overarching goal of the CPS programs is to support basic research that improves the overall efficiency and product yields of chemical processes while reducing the size and complexity of process equipment and minimizing emissions. The CPS Cluster welcomes proposals that align closely with one of the four core programs, or that integrate various aspects of the core programs.