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This program has been archived.

Division of Computing and Communication Foundations

Signal Processing Systems  (SPS)

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John  H. Cozzens (703) 292-8910  1115 N  




This program supports basic research in the areas of digital signal processing, analog signal processing, and supporting hardware and software systems. The areas include: one-dimensional digital signal processing (1-D DSP) including (adaptive) filtering and equalization and time-frequency representations; statistical signal and array processing (SSAP); image and multi-dimensional digital signal processing (IMDSP) including image analysis, filtering, restoration, and enhancement, image and video coding and vector quantization; and analog signal processing including analog-to-digital conversion and analog circuits and filters.

The program also supports research in antenna array processing with application to wireless communications systems, specially cellular telephony, personal communications systems, and wireless local area networks; signal compression for reduced data rate with applications to wireless communications systems; scalable/progressive/multiresolution approaches in signal decomposition, compression, and other signal processing techniques to support content analysis; and data quality validation; and manufacturing applications, e.g., nondestructive test and evaluation, computed tomography and SAR are encouraged.  

There is a new emphasis on distributed signal processing, focusing on the underlying signal processing that will enable the next generation of sensor nets, ad hoc networking and related distributed systems.  In 1-D DSP and IMDSP topics, the emphasis is on systems-level approaches.

What Has Been Funded (Recent Awards Made Through This Program, with Abstracts)

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