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Automatic Compliance Checking in Fastlane

Implmentation Date: Friday, March 15, 2013

NSF Notice Regarding Automated Compliance Checking of FastLane Proposal Submissions:

Beginning with the system release on March 15th, FastLane will begin compliance checking all required proposal components.  If any of the following components is not present, at the time of submission, FastLane will not accept the proposal. These components include:

    • Cover Sheet (including certifications)
    • Project Summary
    • Project Description
    • References Cited
    • Biographical Sketch(es)
    • Budget and Budget Justification
    • Current and Pending Support
    • Facilities, Equipment & Other Resources
    • Supplementary Documentation
      • Data Management Plan
      • Postdoctoral Mentoring Plan (where applicable)

Please contact your program officer with any specific questions or issues to be addressed.