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Centers and Large Facilities - Education and Outreach

Project Name: EarthScope

Location: Oregon State University, Dept. of Geosciences, 104 Wilkinson Hall, Corvallis, OR  97331

Contact information: Bob Lillie,, 541- 737-1242


Main Project description/purpose

To use EarthScope data, products, and results to create a measurable and lasting change on the way that Earth science is taught and perceived in the United States.

Education and Outreach Mission and Goals


Goal 1: Create a high-profile public identity for EarthScope that emphasizes the integrated nature of the scientific discoveries and the importance of EarthScope research

Goal 2: Establish a sense of ownership among scientific, professional, and educational communities and the public so that a diverse group of individuals and organizations can and will make contributions to EarthScope.

Goal 3: Promote science literacy and understanding of EarthScope among all audiences through informal education venues.

Goal 4: Advance formal Earth science education by promoting inquiry-based classroom investigations that focus on understanding Earth and the interdisciplinary nature of EarthScope.

Goal 5: Foster use of EarthScope data, discoveries, and new technology in resolving challenging problems and improving our quality of life.

Primary Audience(s) served (i.e., high school teachers, college students, etc.)

General Public