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Centers and Large Facilities - Education and Outreach

Project Name: UNAVCO

Location: 6350 Nautilus Drive, Boulder, Colorado 80301

Contact information: Susan Eriksson,; (303) 381-7466


Main Project description/purpose

UNAVCO, a non-profit, membership-governed consortium, facilitates geoscience research and education using geodesy.

Education and Outreach Mission and Goals

The mission of UNAVCO's Education and Outreach Program is to promote a broader understanding of Earth science through the scientific methods, data, and results of the unique suite of scientific research of UNAVCO's community. We will foster collaboration between the scientific and educational communities and will increase the number and diversity of students to strengthen and sustain the next generation of Earth scientists.

Goals of UNAVCO Education and Outreach

  • Increase the understanding and public appreciation of geodynamics and earth deformation processes and their relevance to society.
  • Broaden the use of UNAVCO data and products by a wide audience of educational and research users.
  • Increase the diversity and broader participation in geoscience education and research.
  • Build a sustainable community of UNAVCO scientists and educators engaged in education and outreach.
  • Collaborate with other organizations to provide systemic impact on geoscience education

Primary Audience(s) served (i.e., high school teachers, college students, etc.)

Earth Science teachers, undergraduate students (geoscience majors, general education classes, underrepresented students)