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Computer Scan by Help Desk

From: DIS IT Notice
Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2003 5:17 PM

Subject: Notification: All Computers that Enter NSF must be Scanned at the Help Desk (Room 205N)

Activity:     Security check of ALL computers brought into NSF
Date:          Effective immediately

On Monday, August 18th NSF experienced a major IT network service disruption caused by the propagation of a computer virus. It appears that this infection occurred when an infected laptop was connected to our network.

To minimize the likelihood of similar disruptions occurring, DIS is requiring that all computers (both desktop and laptop) brought into NSF be scanned for viruses and checked for currency of security patches. 

User Action: 
Until further notice, anyone (whether employee, panelist, or other visitor) who brings a desktop or laptop computer into NSF must take that computer to the DIS Help Desk (IT Help Central) in Room 205 North for a security check. The IT Help Central staff will scan the computer for virus infections and confirm that it is running current virus protection software and has up-to-date patches applied. Any computer that is not running a current version of virus protection software and does not have up-to-date patches applied will not be permitted to connect to the NSF network. 

Once scanned, the IT Help Central staff will place a removable sticker in a prominent location on the scanned equipment indicating whether or not the computer has been approved for use on the network. Computers that are taken from the building will need to be checked again on re-entry.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this new procedure, please contact IT Help Central at 292-HELP (x4357) or via email at We appreciate your cooperation.

Thank you,
The DIS IT Notice Staff