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ADVANCE Fellows Competition


The deadlines for the FY 2003 Advance Fellows Competitition are:

  • September 25, 2002: Institutional Transformations Proposals
  • January 15, 2003: Leadership Proposals
  • June 16, 2003: Fellows Proposals

Program Announcement: ADVANCE: Increasing the Participation and Advancement of Women in Academic Science and Engineering Careers

Please note that the next ADVANCE FELLOWS competition will take place in 2003 (for awards in 2004). The deadline for proposal submission will be June 16, 2003. Additional details of this initiative can be found in the new Program Announcement at

For additional information on the ADVANCE Program, contact Sonia Esperança at (703) 292-8554 or e-mail


In FY 2002, the Advance Fellows Competition in Geosciences received a total of 26 eligible proposals (5 in Atmospheric Sciences, 9 in Earth Sciences, and 12 in Ocean Sciences). Of those proposals, six were deemed competitive for funding. The success rate for this part of the ADVANCE initiative throughout the Foundation was less than 20 percent. In GEO, the success rate was slightly higher at about 23 percent. These Fellowships are highly competitive three-year awards that allow the Principal Investigators to develop and advance their independent research careers. We congratulate our 2002 ADVANCE FELLOWS.

Award PI Institution Title
01-37742 Amy Moran University of North Carolina Chapel Hill ADVANCE Fellows: Egg Size Evolution of Free-Spawning Marine Invertebrates in Neogene Tropical America
01-37419 Jennifer Purcell Western Washington University ADVANCE Fellows: Environmental effects on variations in jellyfish population size
01-37674 Lynette Gelinas Cornell University ADVANCE Fellows: How Dust Affects the Electrodynamics of the Earth's Mesosphere
01-37891 Anne Johansen Central Washington University ADVANCE Fellows: Marine Atmospheric Iron and Sulfur: Impact on Biological Activity in the Ocean
01-37813 Kathryn Hoppe Stanford University ADVANCE Fellows: Patterns of Biomineralization and Isotopic Variations in the Teeth and Bones of Modern Bison
01-37799 Linda Hinnov Johns Hopkins University ADVANCE Fellows: Investigating the Origins of Orbitally Forced Paleoclimates: The Interplay of Climate Response, Geodynamics, Astrodynamics and Earth Noise