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Diversity FY 01 Awards

Opportunities for Enhancing Diversity in the Geosciences:
Awards for Fiscal Year 2001
Principal Investigator Title Institution Total Awarded
Elizabeth Ambos The CSULB Geoscience Diversity Enhancement Program California State University at Long Beach $852,189
F. Michael Conway Shaking up the future of Hispanic students in rural southwest Arizona: A collaborative research/teaching effort Arizona Western College $190,817
John Fountain Enhancing Diversity in Buffalo, New York, Area Geoscience Programs State University at New York, Buffalo  $657,000
Ira Geer Online Weather Studies: Promoting Diversity and Collegial Faculty Development in Undergraduate Institutions American Meteorological Society $654,496
Philip Gerla INGEOS Indians Into Geological Sciences University of North Dakota $238,433
Gregory Jenkins Enhancing Diversity Through The Penn State Weather Camp Pennsylvania State University $24,729
Kim Kastens Building Diversity In , and Through Environmental Journalism Columbia University Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory $253,290
Tom Kovacs Increasing Diversity in the Geosciences; Middle School to College Hampton University $99,918 
Kathleen Marsaglia Mentoring Through Research: Catalyst for Success in the Geosciences California State University at Northridge $967,210
Kate Miller Building Pathways into the Geosciences for an Hispanic Community of Learners in El Paso University of Texas at El Paso $381,000 
Suzanne O'Connell Connecting with the River: Geoscience Research and Education for Hartford, CT Trinity College $333,173
Steven Ratchford Our Ocean: Enhancing Minority Education in the Marine Sciences at a Caribbean HBCU (Award Pending) University of the Virgin Islands $149,000
Laura Serpa Building on our success: A proposal to enhance and improve minority student recruitment and retention in the Geosciences University of New Orleans $839,529 
Alan Smith Earth Science Pipeline: Recruiting and retaining under-represented ethnic groups in Earth Sciences California State University San Bernardino Foundation $646,000
Lisa White Reaching Out to Communities and Kids with Science in San Francisco, California: SF-ROCKS San Francisco State University $1,250,171
Maria Zavala SACNAS: Initiatives For Equity In The Geosciences Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science $875,001