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Programs for Minorities Interested in Ocean Sciences

OCE funds several programs that provide independent research experience in marine sciences for undergraduates and that focus their recruitment efforts on minorities. Please find relevant REU sites by going to ocean sciences at the REU website link below and searching on "minority" as a keyword.

Additional opportunities are offered through the Geosciences diversity program (OEDG). More information is available at the link below.

One of the programs funded by a 2001 OEDG award was Hampton University's Hall-Bonner Program for Minority Doctoral Scholars in the Ocean Sciences. The program seeks minority students interested in earning the Ph.D. degree in marine and ocean sciences.

NSF Ocean Sciences funds a program to bring undergraduates who have conducted research to the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) meetings each year. Details about the program are available at: Expanding Linkages Between Under-Represented Minorities and Careers in Aquatic Sciences . Interested indiividuals may contact Dr. Benjamin E. Cuker, Hampton University (phone: 804-727-5884; email: ).