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Awarded Thwaites Projects

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Thwaites Glacier

Image credit: NSF

NSF-NERC: Ground Geophysics Survey of Thwaites Glacier
Award Number: 1738934
Principal Investigator: Sridhar Anandakrishnan

NSF-NERC: Disintegration of Marine Ice-sheets using Novel Optimised Simulations (DOMINOS)
Award Number: 1738896
Principal Investigator: Jeremy Bassis

NSF-NERC: Geological History Constraints on the Magnitude of Grounding Line Retreat in the Thwaites Glacier System
Award Number: 1738989
Principal Investigator: Brent Goehring

NSF-NERC: Melting at Thwaites Grounding Zone and its Control on Sea Level (THWAITES-MELT)
Award Number: 1739003
Principal Investigator: David Holland

NSF-NERC: PROcesses, drivers, Predictions: Modeling the response of Thwaites Glacier over the next Century using Ice/Ocean Coupled Models (PROPHET)
Award Number: 1739031
Principal Investigator: Mathieu Morlighem

NSF-NERC: Thwaites-Amundsen Regional Survey and Network (TARSAN) Integrating Atmosphere-Ice-Ocean Processes affecting the Sub-Ice-Shelf Environment
Award Number: 1738992
Principal Investigator: Erin Pettit

NSF-NERC The Future of Thwaites Glacier and its Contribution to Sea-level Rise Science Coordination Office
Award Number: 1738913
Principal Investigator: Ted Scambos

NSF-NERC: Thwaites Interdisciplinary Margin Evolution (TIME): The Role of Shear Margin Dynamics in the Future Evolution of the Thwaites Drainage Basin
Award Number: 1739027
Principal Investigator: Slawek Tulaczyk

NSF-NERC: Thwaites Offshore Research (THOR)
Award Number: 1738942
Principal Investigator: Julia Wellner

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