Antarctic Journal of the United States
Review 1996


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Solar radiation on glaciers in Taylor Valley, Antarctica, G.L. Dana, R.A. Wharton, Jr., and A.G. Fountain Spatial variation of glacier mass balance in Taylor Valley, Antarctica, A.G. Fountain, K.J. Lewis, and G.L. Dana
Stream discharge as a function of ambient temperature and incoming shortwave radiation in Taylor Valley, Antarctica, D.L. Moorhead and D.M. McKnight Geophysical determination of bathymetry and morphology of Taylor Valley lakes, P.T. Doran, R.A. Wharton, Jr., and J.P. Schmok
Characterization of protozoan communities in lakes Hoare and Fryxell using artificial substrates, R.L. Kepner, Jr., and R.A. Wharton, Jr. Genetic diversity of soil nematodes in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica, E.M. Courtright, D.W. Freckman, R.A. Virginia, and W.K. Thomas
Density-driven mixing in Lake Hoare? W.B. Lyons, K.A. Welch, S.W. Tyler, and P. Sharma Phosphorus deficiency and alkaline phosphatase activity in lakes of Taylor Valley, Antarctica, J.E. Dore and J.C. Priscu