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List of IEE/EA, FONSI, And Related Environmental Documents for Fiscal Year 1997

  1. Installation of an Experimental Wind Turbine at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica, signed October 18, 1996 [SPST9701.EAF]

  2. Decommissioning and Removal of Byrd Surface Camp, Antarctica, signed October 28, 1996 [MCFC9701.EAF]

  3. Amendment to the EA/IEE Establishment of Twin Otter and Helicopter Fuel Caches for the 1994-95 Season [MCFC9502.EAF], covering fuel caches projected for the 1996-97 field season, signed November 1, 1996 [MCFC9701.AM3]

  4. Adoption of SOP for the Renovation or Decommissioning of USAP Facilities, signed November 4, 1996 [PGAN9701.EAF]

  5. Continuation of Food Waste Management at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, signed November 25, 1996 [MCST9701.FON]

  6. Installation of a 16-beam Imaging Riometer in the Arrival heights Site of Special Scientific Interest (No. 2), signed December 11, 1996 [MCST9702.EAF]

  7. Placing a Bulk Used Oil Storage Tank in the Hazardous Waste Storage Yard, McMurdo Station, Antarctica, signed December 12, 1996 [MCST9703.EAF]

  8. Retrieval of Fuel and Other Materials from Old South Pole Station, Antarctica, signed December 16, 1996 [SPST9702.EAF]

  9. Improvement of the Helicopter Pad at Lake Bonney Field Camp in the Taylor Valley, Antarctica, signed December 18, 1996 [MCDV9701.EAF]