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List of IEE/EA, FONSI, And Related Environmental Documents for Fiscal Year 1998

  1. Adoption Of Standard Operating Procedures For Placement, Management, And Removal Of Materials Cached At Field Locations For The United States Antarctic Program, signed October 16, 1997 [PGFC9801.EAF]

  2. Improving the Bulk Fuel Storage System at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, signed October 30, 1997 [MCST9801.EAF]

  3. Relocating and Increasing the Capacity of Summer Camp at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica, signed November 5, 1997 [SPST9801.EAF]

  4. Removal of Geophysical Sampling Equipment at Don Juan Pond [77 34S, 161 11E] Wright Valley and Site Reclamation at Lake Vida [77 23S, 161 57E] Victoria Valley, Antarctica, signed December 5, 1997 [MCDV9801.EAF]

  5. Modifications to Ongoing Hydrologic Data Collection in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica, signed September 30, 1998 [MCDV9802.EAF]

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September 30, 1998