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List of IEE/EA, FONSI, And Related Environmental Documents for Fiscal Year 2002

  1. Installation of Seismic Stations for the Trans Antarctic Mountains Seismic Experiment (TAMSEIS) Project, signed October 16, 2001 [MCFC0201.IEE]

  2. Collecting Sediment Cores in the Lakes of Taylor Valley, Antarctica, signed October 2, 2001 [MCDV0202.IEE]

  3. Use Of An Emergency Landing Area At Odell Glacier, Antarctica, signed October 15, 2001 [PGAN0203.IEE]

  4. Installation of Instruments in McMurdo Dry Valley Surfaces for Wind Shear Study, signed October 23, 2001 [MCDV0204.IEE]

  5. Temporary Erection of Fencing, Cape Hallett, Antarctica, signed October 26, 2001 [PGAN0205.IEE]

  6. Construction and Operation of a Remote Seismic Station at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, signed October 30, 2001 [SPST0206.IEE]

  7. Establishment of a Deep Field Camp and Completion of Seismic Surveys at the Onset of Ice Stream D, West Antarctic Ice Sheet, Antarctica, signed November 8, 2001 [PGAN0207.IEE]

  8. Construction and Operation of SATCOM Ground Station at Palmer Station, Antarctica, signed March 11, 2002 [PLST0201.IEE]

  9. Improvement of the Helicopter Pad at Lake Bonney Field Camp in the Taylor Valley, Antarctica, signed December 18, 1996 [MCDV9701.EAF]

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