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List of IEE/EA, FONSI, And Related Environmental Documents for Fiscal Year 2003

  1. Installation of an Observation Tower at Dome C Station, on the East Antarctica Plateau, signed October 10, 2002 [PGAN0301.IEE]

  2. Sediment Coring in Five Lakes, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica, signed November 13, 2002 [MCDV0301.IEE]

  3. Installation of a VLF Beacon Transmitter at South Pole Station for a Study of the Ionosphere over the Antarctic Continent, signed October 11, 2002 [SPST0301.IEE]

  4. Develop Proof of Concept Traverse From McMurdo Station, Antarctica to the Geographic South Pole [PGAN0302.IEE]. Signed 15 October 2002

  5. Amendment No. 1 Use of an Emergency Landing Area at Odell Glacier, Antarctica, signed October 22, 2002 [PGAN0203.AM1] (also filed with original IEE in FY 02 documents file)

  6. Amendment No. 1 Establishment of a Deep Field Camp and Completion of Seismic Surveys at the Onset of Ice Stream D, West Antarctic Ice Sheet, Antarctica, signed December 4, 2002 [PGAN0207.AM1] (also filed with original IEE in FY 02 documents file)

  7. Contaminated Site Remediation, Water Diversion and Contaminated Meltwater Containment at the Helicopter Refueling Facility, McMurdo Station Antarctica, signed April 29, 2003 [MCST0301.IEE]

  8. Aircraft Overflights over the Antarctic Sea Ice Cover in the Weddell and Bellingshausen Seas, signed August 12, 2003 [NASA - IEE]

  9. Planning, Construction, Operation, And Decommissioning Of New, Expanded, Or Relocated Field Camps In Antarctica, not signed [PGAN0303.IEE]

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May 30, 2003