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List of IEE/EA, FONSI, And Related Environmental Documents for Fiscal Year 2004

  1. Petermann Island Field Work to Assess Potential Impact of Human Activity on Antarctic Birds, signed October 23, 2003 [PLFC0400. R01]

  2. Establishment of Two Temporary Field Camps, the Beardmore Camp and Moody Nunatak Camp, for Consolidation of Logistical Support to Eight Science Investigations in the Beardmore Region of the Transantarctic Mountains, signed October 23, 2003 [MCFC0401.IEE]

  3. Release of dry chemical powder and fire fighting foam for testing purposes with mitigation, signed November 10, 2003 [MCST0400.R03]

  4. Conversion of Bldg 183 for Airdrop Fuel Storage, signed November 13, 2003 [MCST0400.R02]

  5. Long Duration Balloon Facility electrical generator replacement and fuel tank upgrade, signed November 14, 2003 [MCWF0400.R01]

  6. Collection of Rock Cores for Measurement of Cosmogenic Nuclides Using Glycol Drilling Fluid, signed November 24, 2003 [MCDV0400.R01]

  7. Removal and Reinstallation of Automatic Weather Stations in Antarctica, signed November 26, 2003 [MCAN0400.R01]

  8. Relocation of AASTO and G-Mount to From Dark Sector to Near Clean Air Sector, signed November 26, 2003 [SPST0400.R01]

  9. Decommissioning of V1 Vault, signed December 4, 2003 [SPST0400.R02]

  10. Tumbleweed – NASA/JPL Inflatable Rover, signed December 16, 2003 [NASA]

  11. Gathering Red Fines from an Area Behind the Ridgeline to the North East of McMurdo Station, signed December 22, 2003 [MCST0400.R04]

  12. Rock Coring and Release of Drilling Fluid for Lava Flow Sampling in the McMurdo Sound Area, signed December 24, 2003 [MCFC0400.R01]

  13. Demolition of Building at Williams Field, signed January 7, 2004 [MCST0400.R05]

  14. Footpath Improvement to Satellite Earth Station, signed January 12, 2004 [PLST0400.R01]

  15. Revised Field Plan: Rock Coring and Release of Drilling Fluid for Lava Flow Sampling in the Taylor Valley, signed January 24, 2004 [MCDV0400.R02]

  16. Aircraft Overflights over the Antarctic Peninsula Region, signed February 2, 2004 [NASA - IEE]

  17. Day Tank Replacement at McMurdo Station, signed March 5, 2004 [MCST0400.R05]

  18. Use of Environmental Plots and Lysimeters at Palmer Station to Study Terrestrial Ecosystems, signed March 8, 2004 [PLST0400.R02]

  19. Temporary Snow Fence Installation to Assess Effects of Snow Deposition on Declining Adélie Penguin Populations in the Western Antarctic Peninsula Region, signed March 9, 2004 [PLFC0401.IEE]

  20. VHF Antenna Relocation and Tower Decommissioning, signed April 19, 2004 [PLST0400.R03]

  21. Continued Road Maintenance at Scott Base Transition, signed April 19, 2004 [MCST0400.R06]

  22. Continued Use and Evaluation of Explosives to Support Scientific Research in Antarctica, Amendment No. 1, signed April 19, 2004 [PGAN9601.AM1]

  23. Use of Acoustic Current Meters, signed July 14, 2004 [PLON0400.R01]

  24. Collection of Water, Sediment, and Plankton Samples from Marguerite Bay, July 26, 2004 [PLON0400.R02]

  25. Diesel Engine Replacement for Continued McMurdo Power Generation and Establishment of Redundant Power and Water Generation Capability at McMurdo Station, with Continued Study of Alternative Energy Sources to Augment Diesel-Generated Power, not signed [MCST???.IEE]

  26. Establishment of a Temporary Field Camp for a Geologic Research Workshop in Bull Pass, McMurdo Dry Valleys, approved August 9, 2004 [ROER MCDV0400.R03]

  27. Drilling Core Samples and Installing Seismic Equipment to Monitor Glacier Calving Activity, Taylor Glacier, McMurdo Dry Valleys, approved August 9, 2004 [ROER MCDV0400.R04]

  28. Collection of Ice Cores from Dry Valley Glaciers to Test Climate Variability Hypotheses, approved August 9, 2004 [ROER MCDV0400.R05]

  29. Preserved Conduit Installation to Support a Remotely Operable Micro Environmental Observatory (ROMEO) at Explorers Cave, approved August 9, 2004 [ROER MCDV0400.R06]

  30. Hot Water Drilling through the McMurdo Ice Shelf to Study Freezing Environments, approved August 9, 2004 [ROER]

  31. Deployment of "SAMBA" Magnetometer Stations at Palmer Station and Patriot Hills, approved August 9, 2004 [ROER PLST0400.R05]

  32. Diesel Engine Generator Set Replacement for Continued Power Generation and Establishment of Redundant Power and Water Generation Capability at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, signed September 24, 2004 [MCST0401.IEE]

  33. Establishment of Three Temporary Field Camps for Logistical Support of a Large-Scale Airborne Geophysical Survey of the Amundsen Sea Embayment, Antarctica (AGASEA) , signed September 24, 2004 [PGFC0401.IEE]

  34. Construction and Replacement of Gasoline Bulk Storage Tanks at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, signed September 24, 2004 [MCST0402.IEE]

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