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List of IEE/EA, FONSI, And Related Environmental Documents for Fiscal Year 2005

  1. Installation of a Culvert from Pier Road to Winter Quarters Bay, signed October 5, 2004 [MCST0500.R01]

  2. Installation of Automatic Weather Stations, Seismometers, and a Web in the Ross Sea Region, signed October, 12 2004 [MCFC0500.R01]

  3. Gathering Fines Adjacent to Fortress Rocks for Maintenance and Improvement to the Former Landfill and Waste Processing Area, McMurdo Station, Antarctica, signed October 22, 2004 [MCST0500.R02]

  4. Installation of a New Modular Fuel-Pump Building at Marble Point, signed October 26, 2004 [MCMP0500.R01]

  5. Marble Point Automated Weather Station Installation, signed October 26, 2004 [MCMP0500.R02]

  6. Construction of the 10 Meter South Pole Telescope (SPT) at the Amundsen-Scott Station, Antarctica, signed November 24, 2004 [SPST0501.IEE]

  7. Drilling Core Samples from a Buried Glacier Site in the Beacon and Mullins Valleys, McMurdo Dry Valleys, signed November 2, 2004 [MCDV0500.R01]

  8. Facility Replacement to Support the Long Duration Balloon Project at Williams Field, signed November 2, 2004 [MCWF0500.R01]

  9. Final CEE/EIS for Project IceCube [SPST0500.FCEE] signed 4 November 2004

  10. Construction and Operation of a New International Monitoring Support (IMS) Station At Palmer Station, Antarctica [PLST0500.IEE] signed 23 February 2005

  11. Use of Ship-based Drilling for Core Collection at Seven Sites in the James Ross Island Portfolio, Weddell Sea, Antarctica [PGNP0500.IEE] signed 12 March 2005

  12. Recovery of a Deep Ice Core from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Ice Flow Divide (WAIS Divide) [PGFC0501.IEE] signed 24 June 2005

  13. Removal of bulk fuel storage facilities at the former site of Cape Hallett Station, Victoria Land, Antarctica [NZ IEE] received 25 June 2005

  14. Develop Proof of Concept Traverse from McMurdo Station, Antarctica to the Geographic South Pole, Amendment No 1 [PGAN0302.IEE.AM1] signed 4 August 2005

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26 September 2005