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List of IEE/EA, FONSI, And Related Environmental Documents for Fiscal Year 2006

  1. Development and Use of Alternative Overland Traverse Route System from McMurdo Station to Black Island [MCBI0600.IEE] signed 13 October 2005

  2. McMurdo Sound Site Survey [MCMS0601.IEE] signed 19 October 2005

  3. Testing of an Ultrasonic Gopher and Use of Conventional Drilling Techniques for Sampling Underlying Brine, Lake Vida, McMurdo Dry Valleys [MCDV0601.IEE] signed 21 November 2005

  4. Adoption of Contingency Plan for Fuel Offload Over Sea Ice at McMurdo Station [MCST0601.IEE] signed 12 January 2006

  5. Continued Use of Explosives to Support Operations and Scientific Research in Antarctica [PGAN9601.AM2] signed September 27, 2006

  6. Geophysical Survey of the Seafloor Near Cape Adare, Antarctica [PGAN0701.IEE] signed September 27, 2006

  7. Dry Valley Drilling Project Borehole #6 Environmental Remediation – Lake Vida, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica [MCDV0701.IEE] signed September 27, 2006

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2 October 2006