Antarctic Research Vessel- Modifications 2001-2002 Section 1, Ships and Aircraft

Section I of the Modifications of Activities Planned for 2002-2003 lists any changes to ship and aircraft usage planned for this time period.


The US Coast Guard Icebreaker Healyarrived at the ice edge near McMurdo on February 05 to assist the Polar Seawith cutting and clearing the channel due to extremely heavy ice conditions in the Ross Island area. The Resupply Vessel American Tern made its first trip to McMurdo, arriving at the ice edge on February 01, and was not able to dock pier-side until February 10, due to heavy packed ice in the channel. The MSC Tanker arrived ice edge February 10 and never made it to the McMurdo pier. The discharge of fuel was conducted from the ice edge which started on February 24 and completed March 07.


During Winfly (August) the USAP used 4 C-141 and 2 C-17 missions to move people and cargo between Christchurch and McMurdo. The USAF C-141 completed 22 missions between Christchurch and McMurdo during October and November. The same group came back to complete 19 C-141 missions during January and February. A USAF C-17 aircraft ran (4) turnaround missions in October to transport outsize cargo. The Royal New Zealand Air Force completed 14 missions between Christchurch and McMurdo and then returned in March (with 1 mission) to pull out personnel who remained passed the normal season period to complete the refueling operations.

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