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 Section X presents planned itineraries for U.S. based non-governmental activities in the Treaty area. 


In addition, several non-U.S.-based organizations plan to arrange, conduct, or support tourism activities in the Antarctic during the 2000-2001 season. Information provided by these organizations about their planned activities is reported here.


  1. Hapag-Lloyd Cruises of Hamburg, Germany, will operate two vessels in the Antarctic Peninsula. The HANSEATIC will conduct 8 cruises, whereas the BREMEN will conduct only 2 cruises. 
  2. Marine Expeditions of Toronto, Canada, intends to conduct approximately 18 cruises to the Antarctic Peninsula using the MARIIYA YERMALOVA and the LYUBOV ORLOVA.


Adventure Network International (ANI), a Canadian company with an office in Beaconsfield, England, plans several 11- to 17-day excursions to the interior of the Antarctic continent.  Travel from Punta Arenas, Chile, to Adventure Network's Patriot Hills base camp (8020'S, 8120'W) is via a South African chartered C-130 cargo/passenger aircraft. These various inland excursions will occur during November 2000 – mid-January 2001 using two chartered Twin Otters and their own Cessna C-A185F aircraft. 


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