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IV. Personnel

Section IV gives the names of the officers in charge of each of these bases, subsidiary stations, ships and aircraft; the number, occupation and specialization of personnel (including any designated by other Governments), who are or will be stationed at each of these bases and subsidiary stations and onboard these ships and aircraft, including the number of personnel who are members of the military services, together with the rank of any officers and the names and professional affiliations of personnel engaged in scientific activities:


The United States Antarctic Program is managed by the National Science Foundation (NSF).  The NSF designates a Senior U.S. Representative in Antarctica, and designates an NSF Representative, Antarctica, to coordinate all field activities.  Unless otherwise specified, the Senior U.S. Representative in Antarctica is the Director, Office of Polar Programs (OPP), located at the National Science Foundation.

NSF Representatives in Antarctica (TBA) will be stationed at McMurdo, Palmer, and South Pole Stations during the austral summer operating season. Additionally, Raytheon Polar Services Company  (RPSC), under contract to the National Science Foundation, will provide station management year round.



  • All Camps (Thwaites Glacier Camp, Byrd Camp, Pine Island Glacier Camp, Siple Dome Camp, Odell Glacier Camp)