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IV. Personnel

Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

Aeronomy & Astrophysics (167 Scientists)

The numbers in parentheses besides the Principal Investigator's (P.I.) name represent the anticipated number of field party members. Projects are listed by scientific discipline under each major field location or platform.

P.I. I.D. No. Institution
Lange (15) A-033-S University of California Berkeley
Engebretson (0) A-102-S Augsburg College
Caldwell (5) A-103-S SETI Institute
Mende (1) A-104-S University of California Berkeley
Inan (2) A-108-S Stanford University
Hernandez (4) A-110-S University of Washington
Weatherwax (0) A-111-S Siena College
Ejiri (2) A-117-S National Institute of Polar Research
Bieber (1) A-120-S University of Delaware
Besson (2) A-123-S University of Kansas Lawrence
LaBelle (0) A-128-S Dartmouth College
Sivjee (3) A-129-S Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Morse (25) A-130-S University of Wisconsin Madison
Lessard (0) A-136-S Dartmouth College
Murcray (3) A-255-S University of Denver
Palo (5) A-284-S University of Colorado Boulder
Halzen (57) A-333-S University of Wisconsin Madison
Lessard (2) A-362-S Dartmouth College
Church (12) A-366-S Stanford University
Stark (14) A-371-S Smithsonian Institution
Peterson (2) A-375-S Carnegie-Mellon University
Stacey (4) A-377-S Cornell University
Holzapfel (7) A-378-S University of California Berkeley
Carlstrom (1) A-379-S University of Chicago