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X. Tourism

Abercrombie & Kent International, Inc.

Explorer Shipping Corporation and Abercrombie & Kent International, Inc. of Oak Brook, Illinois, are planning nine cruises to the Antarctic Peninsula during the 2004-2005 season using the M/S Explorer II.

M/S Explorer II

The Explorer II was built in 1996 at T. Marriotti in Genoa, Italy. She is registered in the Bahamas. The Explorer II is 133 meters in length, 30 meters in the beam, and has a draft of 5.8 meters. She has a gross tonnage of 12,500 and a cruising speed of 16 knots. The ship is ice-strengthened, and has bow thrusters and retractable stabilizers to assist in maneuverability. The Explorer II can accommodate 300 passengers, but only plans to carry no more than 198 while in Antarctica. The ship has staff and crew of about 148.

ITINERARY: Sites visited may vary depending on weather and ice conditions as well as length of cruise, and may include South Shetland Islands, Antarctic Peninsula, Paradise Bay, Deception Island, Pendulum Cove, Livingston Island, Petermann Island, Paulet Island, Weddell Sea, Lemaire Channel, Neumayer Channel, Port Lockroy, Anvers Island, and Elephant Island.

Schedules for each of the cruises follows:

  1. Depart Ushuaia November 12, 2004, arrive Ushuaia November 28 (in Treaty area November 15 - 18);
  2. Depart Ushuaia November 28, arrive Ushuaia December 13 (in Treaty area December 1 - 4);
  3. Depart Ushuaia December 13, arrive Ushuaia December 23 (in Treaty area December 16 - 20);
  4. Depart Ushuaia December 23, arrive Ushuaia January 5, 2005 (in Treaty area December 26 - 29, 2004);
  5. Depart Ushuaia January 5, arrive Ushuaia January 15 (in Treaty area January 8 - 12);
  6. Depart Ushuaia January 15, arrive Ushuaia January 26 (in Treaty area January 20 - 23);
  7. Depart Ushuaia January 26, arrive Ushuaia February 6 (in Treaty area January 31 - February 3);
  8. Depart Ushuaia February 6, arrive Ushuaia February 16 (in Treaty area February 9 - 13);
  9. Depart Ushuaia February 16, arrive Ushuaia March 4 (in Treaty area February 19 - 22).