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X. Tourism

Lindblad Expeditions

Lindblad Expeditions of New York City, New York, plans to conduct 7 cruises to the Antarctic during the 2004-2005 season, using the M/VEndeavor.

M/V Endeavor

The M/V Endeavor was built in Germany in 1966, and is registered in the Bahamas. The vessel is 295 feet long, 46 feet wide, and has a draft of 21 feet. The ship can accommodate up to 108 passengers.

Sites visited may vary depending on weather and ice conditions as well as length of cruise, and may include Aitcho Island, Baily Head, Booth Island, Brown Bluff, Cape Lookout, Cape Valentine, Charlotte Harbor, Coronation Island, Crystal Hill, Cuverville Island, Damoy Point, Detaille Island, Devil Island, Enterprise Islands, Fort Point, Gibbs Island, Gourdien Island, Hannah Point, Hydrurga Rocks, James Ross Island, Lallemand Fjord, Lindblad Cove, Neko Harbor, Palmer Station, Paradise Harbor, Paulet Island, Pendulum Cove, Penguin Island, Petermann Island, Pléneau Island, Port Lockroy, Prospect Point, Sandefjord Bay, Shingle Cove, Snowhill Island, Telefon Bay, Torgersen Island, Whalers Bay, Wild Point, Wilhelmira Bay, Yalour Islands, and Yankee Harbor.

Schedules for each of the cruises follows:

  1. Depart Punta Arenas November 29, arrive Ushuaia December 17 (in Treaty area December 9 - 15);
  2. Depart Ushuaia December 17, arrive Ushuaia December 28 (in Treaty area December 19 - 26);
  3. Depart Ushuaia December 28, arrive Ushuaia January 8, 2005 (in Treaty area December 30, 2004 - January 6, 2005);
  4. Depart Ushuaia January 8, arrive Ushuaia January 19 (in Treaty area January 10 - 17);
  5. Depart Ushuaia January 19, arrive Ushuaia January 30 (in Treaty area January 21 - 28);
  6. Depart Ushuaia January 30, arrive Ushuaia February 10 (in Treaty area February 1 - 8);
  7. Depart Ushuaia February 10, arrive Ushuaia March 3 (in Treaty area February 12 - 19).

Oceanities of Chevy Chase, Maryland plans to have ten to 12 researchers travel to various sites in the Antarctic Peninsula region to conduct research in support of the Antarctic Site Inventory Project. They will be transported from various locations during each of the above cruises of the M/S Endeavor. Sites visited may vary depending on weather and ice conditions as well as length of each cruise.